𑒧𑒻𑒟𑒱𑒪𑒲 𑒮𑒰𑒯𑒱𑒞𑓂𑒨 𑒮𑓀𑒮𑓂𑒟𑒰𑒢

मैथिली साहित्य संस्थान

Maithili Sahitya Sansthan


Mithila is known as a cultural region. One can easily trace its existence right from ancient days. The scriptures of the earliest times (Satapatha Brahmana, Upanishads, Epics, Puranas, etc.) describe its cultural merits in unmistakable terms. The region enjoyed political autonomy to a great extent until the beginning of the colonial rule. The continuity of political identity for centuries seemingly re-enforced its cultural boundaries. The objective basis of Mithila’s nationality thus gained ground and became quite deep-rooted. The language and literature of Maithili grew to the extent of being recognized by scholars of the international repute. The traditions of learning which flourished in this region acquired a distinct status.

It is our duty to explore and highlight hidden and forgotten cultural heritage of Mithila through various research activities. Since 1969, Maithili Sahitya Sansthan - a cultural- cum- intellectual organization has continuously been working in this direction. Intellectuals as historians, archaeologists, social scientists, litterateurs, educationists, journalists, jurist, etc. ,have been associated with this institution.

This institution aims at during research and making publication international standard. For this purpose, it started to publish a Maithili research journal named Mithila- Bharati. It is only one research journal of Maithili language ,however, in due course it acquired the bilingual character. This journal has been enriched by many famous researchers of Bihar in general and Mithila in particular. Some notable contributors are: -

  • Ramanath Jha,

  • Rajeshwar Jha,

  • J. C. Jha,

  • Jata Shankar Jha,

  • Lakshmipati Singh,

  • Indrakant Jha,

  • Hetukar Jha,

  • Prafulla Kumar Singh "Maun",

  • C. P. Sinha,

  • Jagadishwar Pandey,

  • Upendra Thakur,

  • R. K. Choudhary,

  • Ramdev Jha,

  • Shailendra Mohan Jha,

  • Justice Sushil Kumar Jha,

  • Daya Shankar Upadhyay,

  • Vinodanand Jha,

  • Kamal Narayan Jha 'Kamlesh',

  • Hansaraj,

  • Amaresh Pathak,

  • B.P. Majumdar,

  • Parameshwar Jha,

  • Jay Narayan Thakur,

  • Lekhanath Mishra,

  • Ved Nath Jha,

  • Baldeva Mishra,

  • Dina Nath Jha,

  • Vijay Kumar Thakur,

  • Rajendra Ram,

  • Narendra Jha,

  • Ramakant Jha,

  • Karunanand Das,

  • S.N. Sahai,

  • Jata Shankar Das,

  • Sudhanshu Shekhar Choudhary,

  • Bhim Nath Jha,

  • Mantreshwar Jha,

  • Sitaram Ray,

  • Acharya Paramanandan Shastri, etc.

Five issues of this journal were published during 1969 to 1977. Many important research papers have been published in it. Due to unavoidable circumstances the publication of the journal discontinued.

From the year 2014 under the guidance of Prof. Hetukar Jha and Prof. Ratneshwar Mishra, the publication of Mithila Bharati research journal resumed. The journal is currently edited by Dr. Shiva Kumar Mishra and Shri Bhairab Lal Das. Nine volumes of the journal have been published till September 2021. Papers in both English and Maithili languages are published in this journal . Many research papers of foreign authors also have been published in it. Mithila Bharati journal is approved by the UGC, New Delhi as a 'referred journal' (UGC- CARE LIST ) and has grown to become an International Research Journal of repute.

The present editorial board of Mithila Bharati is:

  • Prof. (Dr.) Ratneshwar Mishra

  • Prof. (Dr.) Indrakant Jha

  • Dr. Chitranjan Prasad Sinha

  • Dr. Umesh Chandra Dwivedi

  • Prof. (Dr.) Jayadeva Mishra

  • Prof.( Dr. ) Samrendra Narayan Arya

  • Dr. Pankaj Kumar Jha

  • Dr. Avanindra Kumar Jha

  • Dr. Jalaj Kumar Tiwari

  • Dr. Ashok Kumar Sinha


  • Dr. Shiva Kumar Mishra

  • Shri Bhairab Lal Das

The main objectives and ideals of Maithili Sahitya Sansthan, Patna are:

(a) To develop and propagate the Maithili language and literature.

(b) To publish and sell quarterly research journal named "Mithila Bharati".

(c) To research and publish research works related to Mithila, Maithil and Maithili.

(d) To research various traits of cultural heritage, literature and art treasures and to organise seminars, lectures, archaeological excavations and explorations.

(e) Development of folk art, sculptures and folk language.

Office bearers of Maithili Sahitya Sansthan :

Chairman - Prof.( Dr.) Indrakant Jha

Vice-Chairman - Shri Raghavendra Jha

Treasurer- Dr. Shiva Kumar Mishra

Secretary - Shri Bhairab Lal Das

Joint Secretary- Smt. Kalpana Kumari

Executive Members of Maithili Sahitya Sansthan:

Shri Sunil Kumar Karn

Dr. Ashok Kumar Sinha

Shri Vinay Kumar Jha

Shri Bharat Bhushan Jha

Smt. Sangita Kumari

Technical Advisor: Jayant Kumar

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